Shellfish Farmer

A100 · Shelton, Washington
Department A100
Employment Type Full Time Regular
Minimum Experience Entry-level
Compensation $13.50/hour + production bonus

Taylor Shellfish Farms is one of the largest producers of farmed shellfish in North America.  The company is quickly growing in sustainable shellfish farming with new techniques and innovative growing methods.



As a member of the oyster crew, which is an intertidal worker that is responsible for taking part in the harvest which is done primarily by forking or handpicking oysters into a container such as an oyster tub or bushel basket. Forking involves using a pitchfork like device that you push along the surface of the beach to collect oysters. Crewmembers must be comfortable lifting heavy amounts on, sometimes, uneven ground. Oyster tubs are to be fully filled for pick up by another crew to be counted for pay. A crewmember is responsible for the equipment assigned to them, and be able to work day or night tides in all types of weather conditions. This means the crewmembers must wear appropriate protective clothing.  Oyster crews are to report to their crew boss for hours, places, and transportation. Oyster crews are often assigned to other tasks such as digging clams and must be open and available to work this position as well. 

The clam digger will harvest clams either by wet or dry digging. Wet digging is done by standing in knee to thigh deep water while using a dredging fork (a long handled pitchfork like tool) to shift through substrate to harvest clams. Dry digging is performed by kneeling on the beach and using a hand help rake to turn over the substrate to harvest market size clams. The clams harvested are placed into a four gallon bucket. When the bucket is full the digger empties the clams into a net sack. The digger will open car covers or clam nets as needed.  At the conclusion of the days digging each digger is responsible to load his/her sacks into the boat and, once transported to the beach, load onto the truck as well.  



      Must complete safety orientation prior to working on the beach.

      Must be able to speak and understand English.

      Must wear proper safety gear when necessary.

      Must work well with other crew members.

      Must have own supply of gloves, boots, rain gear, and head light.

      Must be capable of understanding and following instructions from the crew boss and being accountable to him/her for work.

      Must be able to turn in his/her own time sheets with accurate numbers on them at the end of every two-week period.

      Must maintain proper employee conduct including being aware and respectful of time of day, noise level, and the homeowners that surround the beaches.  



      Must be physically able to lift and handle sixty pounds.

      Must be able to swim.

      Must be able to work outside in all weather conditions and various times of day and night.

   Must pick up any garbage found on the beach and never leave any of their own garbage on the beach.



Here at Taylor Shellfish we offer health insurance for the employee and their family with incredibly low premium costs and annual deductibles. We offer dental, vision and paid time off which starts to accrue immediately and gives you a whole week of paid time off in the first year (dependent on hours worked). Plus 6 paid holidays a year, amazing company discounts, paid training through the company, a tuition reimbursement program and options for a flex spending and dependent care account are also available.



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  • Location
    Shelton, Washington
  • Department
  • Employment Type
    Full Time Regular
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    $13.50/hour + production bonus